Fulltone Plimsoul Highgain Distortion

Rp2.800.000 Rp1.950.000

Speaking of OCD, people ask “What’s the comparison?” Easy answer: OCD has an honest flat EQ, won’t change your amp’s tone. PlimSoul has a gorgeous enhanced Midrange and Lower midrange… excellent to transform a combo into a Marshall-like lead machine, not so necessary if you already have a Marshall-like amp. I use PlimSoul on any combo, I use my OCD on both combos and larger Marshall-style amps/cabinets.


What if there was a pedal that offered both? There is now… the Fulltone PlimSoul with it’s Patented (US Patent#8471136) and completely unique dual stage clipping circuit which VERY accurately replicates not only the sound, but *the feel *of a tube amp with all of its subtleties and complexities.


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