Kirlin DI-201FX 2 Chanel

Rp950.000 Rp600.000

Frequency Response 20Hz-40kHz
Linear PerformanceCCAM ±0.12dB 20Hz-20kHz
Input Impedance 220KΩ
Output Impedance ±600Ω
Max Output 2Dbv/1000mV
Total Harmonic Distortion 0.01%from20Hz-20kHz
Residual NoiseCS – 108dB
Equivalent 4uV
Noise Level -101dBu
Input 2 unbalanced input (MONO)
Output 2 balanced output (XLR)
Output 2 unbalanced output (MONO)
Power 48V Phantom


Congratulations for purchasing the DI-201FX 2-Channel Active

Direct Inject Box. This unit is the ultimate, multi-functional active DI box. The DI-201FX has been optimized to produce maximum headroom and dynamics while working within the limited current provided by phantom power(48V).


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