TC Electronic Flashback Delay 2

Rp3.400.000 Rp2.350.000

The Carbon Copy Bright Delay has the same features as the standard version-a modulation section and 600ms of delay time-but it’s been tuned for a brighter and more articulate tonal palette.


TC Electronic Flashback 2 Delay Features:

  • Powerful delay pedal in a compact form
  • MASH footswitch technology puts expression control under your foot
  • 3 tone print slots for saving your favorite tones
  • New crystal delay tone
  • 8 delay types including the 2290-style delay
  • Quarter-, eighth-, and dotted eighth-note subdivisions
  • 40-second looper with infinite sound-on-sound recording
  • TonePrint technology gives you instant access to custom presets made by top guitarists
  • Optional footswitch (not included) lets you ta


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