Tech21 Oxford Character Orange

Rp3.150.000 Rp1.700.000

There’s no such thing as a single “British” tone, no matter how many pedal manufacturers claim otherwise. In fact, the British-style tone comes in many flavors, and the Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series Oxford pedal is unmistakably orange! When you’re looking for the creamy kind of boutique grit and vintage grind that’s been rocking The Island since the ’70s, Oxford is the answer. Hold back the juice and ride the waves of London Glam and post-disco grind, or crank it up and experience the psychedelic rush of classic Brit-rock distortion through a Vintage-style 4×12. With the Tech 21 SansAmp Oxford, everything from sweet and clean to frothy fuzz is just the click of a footswitch away!


  • The classic tone of ’70s era Brit-rock and psychedelic movement
  • Creamy, Vintage 30-style 4×12 speaker emulation
  • Speaker emulation defeat switch for use with a real amplifier
  • Level and Drive controls act like a traditional, well-equipped amp’s
  • Active Low, Mid and High EQ controls let you dial in your sound
  • Continuously-variable Character knob moves seamlessly between different voicings


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